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Discover the Complications of Breast Reduction Surgery

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Discover the Complications of Breast Reduction Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is an instant solution to people who want to get rid of the discomforts of carrying excessively huge breasts. Women with big breasts can reduce their bust size instantly through surgery, but is it really the best solution? There are a lot of scary stories surrounding breast surgery including those who suffered from serious health issues after the surgery. It is best to know the complications of breast reduction surgery before putting yourself under the knife.

Although surgery is the popular solution for women who are suffering from the pain and embarrassment of carrying huge breasts, you have to think carefully before taking the drastic step of surgery because you may suffer the following complications of breast reduction surgery.

Infection. Any surgical method is prone to delayed healing that can lead to infections. Signs of infection like swelling and soreness may happen after the surgery. Women should monitor and watch any sign of infection to avoid other health complications of breast reduction surgery.


Scarring. Surgery can result to temporary or permanent scarring. Breast surgery scars usually turn to thin lines after several months but for some women, scars become wider over time. Women who smoke have the tendency to develop wider scars.

Nipple sensation problem. Changes in nipple sensation may occur after the surgery. Your nipple may become over sensitive or loss of sensation may occur temporarily or permanently.

Inability to breastfeed. One of the scariest complications of breast reduction surgery is the inability to breastfeed. Surgery may affect the milk ducts and women who plans to breastfeed in the future may not be able to accomplish their plans of breastfeeding their baby.

Although surgery is an instant solution to women who want to reduce their breasts size, it is best to explore natural treatments to avoid the complications of breast reduction surgery. Get smaller breasts naturally, visit Natural Breast Reduction Treatment

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does anyone have any ideas about how to make my skin look as clear as porclyn.its not like i have acne i just have blemishes and old “scars” if you will….my skin is pretty clear i just have some build up in my looking for serious ideas that work and that consist of surgery or stuff like that.but only reply if you know it works.thanks :]]

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use glycolic acid peels!!

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my mom did pro-activ which cleared up blemishes and then put coco-butter on her face daily which made her face very clear. u can do that or u can go to a dermotoligist

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well keep your poors clean by washing ur face every moring with really warm water.

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Try Dermablend brand makeup, they sell it at a lot of different stores….it is wonderful!!! I also use the heavy coverage Mac powder over top of it!

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