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How to Remove Acne Scar

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How to Remove Acne Scar

Are you having problems when it comes to acne scar removal? Acne scar healing is actually harder than getting rid of the acne themselves. This is the reason behind the ideal that pimples should never be popped since they can leave marks on the skin. However, if you are still noticing unsightly marks on your skin caused by pimples, then you still have a chance of removing them.

The first thing you must realize is that acne scar removal takes longer than pimple removal because the damage is felt by the skin. Hence, the goal here would be to promote the regeneration of new skin cells to replace the bad ones. Here are some tips that might help you with your acne scar healing problem.

Lemon and Cucumber
What they do is lighten the skin tone so that the scar starts to fade. If you still have red marks as a result of a recent pimple problem, then you can simply apply lemon on the surface of your skin for an hour each day and it will facilitate faster healing.

Water is actually very good when removing toxins stuck in a person’s body, as every person in a diet should know. By doing this, you will be able to heal your skin from the inside out. Make sure that you get around eight to ten glasses everyday for faster skin regeneration. What you eat would also reflect on your skin so consume more fresh foods and less of those that come in processed packages.


For severe acne scars that cause deep gaps in the skin, it sometimes takes more than a good diet to fix this problem. Technology is now advanced enough to find alternatives when it comes to acne scar removal. However, as a result, the methods can be a bit pricier than most.

Soft Tissue Fillers
This method of acne scar healing basically revolves around the removal of extra tissues from another part of the body and using them to fill the gap left by acne scars. Still, this option is temporary and requires continuous sessions. With each session eating up several hundred dollars, soft tissue fillers is not exactly an ideal method.

Laser Scar Treatment
The laser treatment is a newly developed method that seems to be more promising in comparison to the other options. It basically helps regeneration of new skin by destroying the outer layer. A session could eat up around several thousand dollars with results that rank better than other alternatives.

With this process, the top layer of a person’s skin is removed. The device used rotates quickly and may cause bleeding after skin removal. After a few days, new flawless skin will emerge without the scars.

Other solutions include products on the market that maybe directly applied to the skin. These creams basically make scars disappear by lightening a person’s skin tone to even out color.

Keep in mind that even after you have managed to heal acne scars, it is important to avoid going through the same situation by learning how to handle pimples properly. Make sure that you get a good hygiene, frequently washing your face to avoid pimples altogether. Once you do have a pimple, don’t try to squeeze or pop it by yourself.

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