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Hair Transplant Scar

Hair Transplant Scar

One of the most unwanted consequences of hair transplant surgery is the scar left from the procedure. This scar is usually found at the back of the head and is very distracting for the patient. These scars do not usually disappear quickly and may leave a permanent marking indicative of the procedure done on it. Usually, scarring is very common in people who have undergone hair transplant surgery. Scarring is a natural process of the body wherein the skin closes and heals the open wound by regenerating new skin tissues bounded by collagen fibers.

Unfortunately, the body cannot reproduce the exact characteristic of the damaged skin; usually, scars are less flexible, thicker and firmer than the intact skin. Scars also lack hair follicles, which explain why they are very noticeable in hairy areas such as the scalp. The pigmentation of scars usually vary from the intact skin, as they are darker or lighter depending on a person’s skin color and the type of would that caused the scar. However, with a skilled surgeon and careful handling, the development of scars could be minimized and could go on undetected by many. How do you make a hair transplant scar less visible to others? There are simple ways to start with; one would be by having your hair grown to a sufficient length where it covers the entire scar area.

According to some specialists, a scar that does not exceed a width of 5mm will be almost invisible if the hair is grown at an adequate length. Hair transplant scars are an unsightly view to see, especially if the procedure was not done properly, the result could be irregularly botched patches of hairless scars, as well as uneven skin tone.� Because of this, it is extremely important to choose the appropriate surgeon for your hair transplant procedure. Make sure that you had checked his track record. You should also check the surgeon’s patient satisfaction index; making sure that the doctor had a long list of satisfied customers. The surgeon should have completed at least 5 hair transplant procedures with satisfied patients and the likes. This will minimize the chances of having unsightly scars for the rest of your life.

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Question from cr1mz0nbl4z3: I think I was circumcised?

When I was smaller, my parents were always talking about my penis or something. They brought me twice to doctors who examined my penis and stuff. I don’t really remember much. I remember than a doctor commented “we can do surgery, but it will hurt.”

Well, I was looking on Wikipedia and I saw an image of an uncircumscised penis, and it doesn’t look like mine at all. I do have foreskin, but it doesn’t cover the penis, and there are what looks like “scars” on my foreskin. Could my parents have had me circumcised when I was smaller? They don’t talk about it and I really don’t remember.

I have what looks like black lines on the edges of my foreskin.

Best answers:

Answer by luvmykids
It is possible that your foreskin was not retracting properly so they had the doctor correct that.

Answer by bigjohn B
You think………….Are you parents around? Ask them. How about the doctor, he must reveal your records to you upon request.

Answer by Icy Gazpacho #2
They can do a partial circumscision where part of your foreskin remains partially covering your glans. Not all foreskins are naturally long either… so a partial foreskin removal looks more natural.

The only way to really know is to ask your parents. They will tell you straight away.. mystery solved.

Answer by iidibitizi
you too shy to ask your parents? aywho, some people have half circumcisions. maybe it was too tight in the end and they had it untightened so you could get an erection

Answer by It’sMeTy
I asked my parents why ny older bro is circumsized and not me. When he was a baby his was too tight and closed so the doctor had to fix it. Then when I was born mine was fine so they left me alone. thank god! I wasnt shy to ask.

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