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The Best Acne Scar Removal Tips

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The Best Acne Scar Removal Tips

“The lasting impression”! This is what we can say when we witness the issue of acne. First you need to deal with acne and then you need to live with the marks! The following article will give a briefing about the methods used for acne scar removal.

Just like acne cures, there are cures for acne scars. Acne scar removal has always been a burning issue for hundreds of teenagers. Let us have a deeper look into the various possible methods to get rid of this dual punishment.

Before we learn the methods of acne scar removal, we need to know about the ways they are caused and the kinds of acne that cause them. Blackheads or whiteheads are not very severe forms of acne and can be cured and removed easily. They do not leave lasting scars and even if they do leave behind some scars, the marks can be easily removed.

The matter of concern is the form of the acne which causes nodules (which are pus-filled cysts) and appear under the skin. These nodules can cause scars and these marks or scars are permanent.

Like solutions and remedies to get rid of acne, there are treatments for acne scars as well. There are a few methods of doing so. A few of them are discussed below.

- Laser Resurfacing is a well known method of removing the acne scars. A doctor or a dermatologist can be the best person to do that. In this Laser Resurfacing technique, the top layer of the skin which is damaged is removed and the middle layer is tightened. This generally takes some time to get cured as the outer surface always remains exposed.

- Dermabrasion is another method for acne scar removal. In this method, the affected surface of the skin is worn out by rotating a wire brush or spinning diamond. When the skin heals, a new smooth layer of skin replaces the abraded layer of the skin. It however, takes a lesser time to heal than the Laser Resurfacing.

- Fractional laser therapy is yet another method of Acne scar removal. In this method of treatment, deeper levels of skin are used for treatment and the top layers of the tissue are not affected and hence, healing is easier and faster.

- In case the scars left after Acne cures are not very severe, chemical peel or microdermabration can be used. These are the simpler methods as compared to the other complicated methods.

It is a real time issue for most of the people as the scars can leave them in a position of embarrassment and can be very annoying. Getting rid of acne is not everything. Removing the resulting scars is also important!

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