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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars � A Step By Step Method

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars – A Step By Step Method

So, you intend to learn how to get rid of acne scars, do you? Well, I honestly can not blame you, as such scarring may leave your face looking, well, not so great to say the least. Luckily, you won’t need to just wait for your acne scars to go away on their own — it is possible to do something about them!

4 Steps for How to Get Rid of Acne Scars…

Begin Healing the Skin: The easiest way to start to repair your skin is by using a daily face wash using cucumber juice. The juice alone has remarkable effects on the skin as well as for minimizing inflammation. Simply massage it in every day and watch as acne scars start to steadily fade.

Purge Dead Skin: It’s a well known fact that acne scars are “trapped” — for lack of a better word — inside of dead layers of skin. By ridding yourself of these layers, your skin will get smoother & smoother & smoother as each layer is slowly taken away. The best way to go about accomplishing this is through adding lemon juice to the water when you wash & clean your face. The acidity of the lemon juice will RAPIDLY shed dead layers and bring back the smoothness that once was. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, you may decide to wash your face JUST using lemon juice or you may dilute it with water.


Rejuvenate Facial Skin: Thinly cut a tomato and apply the slices to your face — more specifically, right to the spots plagued by acne scarring. The antioxidants (such as vitamin-A) will help soften the skin thereby making acne scars significantly less noticeable over time. With dead skin layers taken away (provided you implemented the earlier steps), growing new skincells that are stronger and more healthy won’t be overly tough. If you wish to do this for your ENTIRE face, simply turn the tomato into a paste instead. Allow the slices or paste sit for only 15-20 minutes — no more.

Smoothing Out the Skin: Acne scars are well known for taking soft, smooth skin and turning it into extremely rough skin. Having said that, it only makes sense to look for ways to reduce this roughness. Start routinely massaging your acne scars with small quantities of olive oil. This helps to smooth out the tone & texture and minimize that rough appearance your skin has developed.

You now know precisely how to get rid of acne scars with 4 easy steps. Are these steps certain to clear away acne scarring? Sadly, no — but, that doesn’t mean they won’t help. And besides, if these methods don’t work for you, there are still lots of other, more effective ways of how to get rid of acne scars.

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How to Get Rid Of Acne Scars, Pimples, Pigments, & Get Lighter Skin

Question from kersed: How to get rid of whitehead/acne scars?
I’ve had these redish bumps above my lips for about 4-6 months now, from when i popped them when they used to have the white pus stuff. They are still above my lip, and its really anoying. Its only on my lip too. New white heads and pimples keep growing above my lip, any tips/ideas to get rid of those “scars” and prevent them? Theyere really anoying
Definently not herpes, its older acne that just isnt goign away, probably because i didnt pop them right

Best answers:

Answer by Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Sounds like a case of oral herpes.

I’d go see a doctor, they can prescribe a cream or ointment to help prevent breakouts in the future.

EDIT: Even if you don’t think it is herpes, I’d still go see a doctor if it is a recurring problem. There still may be a high-level drug they can give you to help make the acne go away.

Answer by betty
Since you have scars now from it — go to — get you a dermaroller and follow the directions — you’ll see those scars fading within a few weeks…..and the best part is that they won’t return. Hope this helps

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