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How to get rid of scars, without lasers or creams: All it takes are simple grocery items and the appropriate know-how

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How to get rid of scars, without lasers or creams: All it takes are simple grocery items and the appropriate know-how

Okay, first and foremost: put your credit card away. I’m not here to sell you something: I’m here to dispense some advice on the topic “how to get rid of scars”. This advice is 30% the result of my own researh (I’ve read/skimmed) just about the first 100 articles that show up in Google when you type “scar removal“. The remaining 70% came from a book I’ve bought AFTER doing about two weeks of research on the subject. You see, I have my own scars – which are now in the process of healing – and I won’t even set out to discuss them; mostly because this is rather about scar removal.

I will dispense this advice now, and try to keep succint. When it comes to removing scars, people usually thing they have two options: laser beams and miracle creams. That’s WRONG. Laser beams (which you can require from your neighbourly friendly plastic surgeon) DO work, but they’re inordenately expensive. If you’re bothering to read this, chances are you can’t really afford this system. Besides – as I’m about to demonstrate, it’s not even the best method of scar removal available. Miracle scar removal creams, on the other hand? They’re just glorified, fragranced ointments based mostly in Vitamin E… which you can buy for about 10% of the price and maybe get even better results. Or not quite.

Did you know that while Vitamin E does indeed work as an efficient scar removal product in some people, there are others who can get allergic reactions from smearing Vitamin E on their scars… especially if they’re using it on acne scars on the face? You’re free to go ahead and try this method, just as long as you’re willing to take your chance with allergies. Now, there are OTHER natural products that also bring about some noticeable effects, when it comes to fading scars: most notably, Lemon and Honey. The problem with lemon being that it can degrade your skin over time, and the problem with honey being mostly that it’s sticky and a little disgusting for usage as ointment.


There’s another widely available product that you can try using to reduce scars, and it’s arguably the most recommendable from the widely available natural products for scar removal I’m familar with: Aloe Vera cactus. This is a wonderful natural product that can effectively be used to get rid of scars… it’s not without downsides though: the bad thing about Aloe Vera is that it’s too bland, compared to certain mixtures I’ve learned from the Scar Solution ebook. Also, if you try using this method make sure to get some fresh Aloe Vera cactus – stay away from chemical Aloe Vera extracts and creams, since processing this miracle cactus does away with most of its regenerative properties.

Okay, those are some methods of scars removal that you can try, and they’re practically free methods. However, I should say I’ve tried each and everyone of those methods – I learned them from my original research in how to get rid of scars, and I actually achieved SOME results using those free, widely known methods. I didn’t however achieve an actual scar removal… more like a gentle fading. And then I decided to shell out for an ebook I’d been courting for some time: it was the best idea ever.The things I learned in this e-book added right up to my previous research and catapulted me a good measure ahead of what I’d found until then.

It was only about three weeks ago that I impulsively whipped out my credit card and went straight ahead to that processing payments page, on that website about how to get rid of scars I’d found earlier that month. What I’ve achieved so far is nothing short of CONFIDENCE. I had spent so many hours musing on what it would be like to get rid of my scars, and when I finally looked myself in the mirror and thought… “If I meet someone who’s capable of detecting that ugly old scar, that person would have to be Superman to actually be able to notice where it’s at! I can barely remember what it used to look like, myself… and I love it!

Can you relate with this feeling? I’m very much aware that for some people, removing a scar in indeed a big deal… and a scar can be indeed something that badly damages one’s self-image. If you feel bad about those scars and you want to do something about it; if you don’t really believe in magical creams and you can’t afford (or don’t like the idea of) laser beams; if you believe in the power of natural ointments and you want to try a different kind of scar removal technique… well, the Scar Solution is something you may want to check out. It was my very first e-book purchase… but it seems to me it won’t be the last. I’m finally beggining to get why this is called the Information Age.

If you’re looking for a way of reducing scars, you can try magical creams or laser beams… but I have a feeling you’d be best off with checking out this natural solution first. Well, unless you’ve got lots of time to waste on pointless research that will hardly run as deep as the body of knowledge on scar removal available in the Scar Solution e-book. Those were the best I spent, and now my friends think I’m some kind of scar removal shamam – although I prefer the term consultant. I now regard of myself as somewhat of an expert, and or course I’m not revealing all the juicy bits… after all I want to protect my investment.

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