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Liposuction Recovery ? Will There Be a Liposuction Scar?

Liposuction Recovery ? Will There Be A Liposuction Scar?

One of the major concerns that a patient may experience regarding liposuction procedures is not the actual cosmetic surgery costs � but whether or not there will be a liposuction scar after the procedure. This is especially true with abdominoplasty, in which a tummy tuck scar may limit swimsuit options, etc.

All conventional liposuction procedures involve making a surgical incision, through which a tube (cannula) is inserted and the excess fat is removed by a back and forth motion of that cannula. This, of course, will result in the production of a liposuction scar. The severity of that tummy tuck scar will depend on several factors.


The first factor is the skill of the cosmetic surgeon. The more skilled the surgeon the less chance of a severe liposuction scar. The proper positioning of the cannula in such a strategic manner as to reduce the chance of a large tummy tuck scar depends on the experience of the surgeon performing the procedure.

Liposuction plastic surgery scars are normal, since it’s a relatively invasive procedure. However, a liposuction scar can be kept to a minimum by following a few basic steps. First of all, always follow the pre and post-operative instructions given by your surgeon. Some of those instructions are designed to reduce scarring.

One of the methods that a cosmetic surgeon might use to reduce a possible severe liposuction scar is the use of post-operative salves and ointments. A tummy tuck scar will eventually diminish in size as the swelling abates.

Immediately after surgery, the liposuction scar will appear red and irritated. But in a few weeks, that tummy tuck scar will be much less noticeable. You just have to wait out that initial period of pronounced scarring. The overall results of your liposuction should be satisfactory.

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Question from Anne C: Okay, so, I have scars all over me.?

Most of these are acne scars (self-inflicted, of course).

A fading surgery scar on my leg.

I have one-inch long blackened surgery scar on my lower right stomach.

Animal bites on my arms and hands.

Acne scars on my shoulders, upper arms, and back.

Acne scars on my chest.

Acne scars on my stomach.

Acne scars on my neck.

How do I get rid of my scars? I don’t try for modeling or learn to swim because of it.

With swimming, i’d have to wear a scuba-diving suit to cover everything.

Graduation is coming, and i’d have to wear a sleeved long dress. I can’t dress like other people my age. I wear mainly long sleeves, long jeans, etc.

I am a black teenage girl, and skin-fading creams would be a no-no. I dont want my overall tone to be uneven.

“Put it only on the scars!”, right? Well, I have a few hundred tiny specks of scars, scratches, and bites, so that won’t do.

Best answers:

Answer by Madeleine
Bio Oil. Bio oil, bio oil, bio oil.

My mother swears by it.

Massage in, the massaging/rubbing action also helps break down scar tissue

Answer by swinglifeawayxoxo
you said most are acne scars? clean and clear has an “acne mark” treatment you could try.

and mederma scar treatment could work.

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