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Five Factors That Affect Plastic Surgery Scarring

Five Factors that Affect Plastic Surgery Scarring

These blogs and testimonial posts typically are by dissatisfied patients, many of whom have valid claims. However, truth be known, visible plastic surgery scarring often is a result of a patient’s lifestyle choices and/or failure to carefully follow a physician’s instructions.

Five primary preventable mistakes contribute to how well or how poorly a plastic surgery scar heals: smoking, excessive alcohol use, sun exposure, movement and removal of bandages.

Smoking: Smoking levies a carbon monoxide effect on blood’s oxygen carrying capacity and nicotine constricts blood vessels, greatly diminishing blood flow over time. Since oxygen is critical to healing, these factors reduce the skins ability to heal properly.

Alcohol: Alcohol dehydrates the skin and body, thins the blood, slows healing and increases bruising. It also can lead to postoperative edema (swelling) and fluid retention.

Sun exposure: A top determining factor in your plastic surgery results is the health of your skin going into the surgery. So it stands to reason that sun damaged skin won’t fare as well as skin that has been protected. Plus, sun exposure can cause darkening and thickening of plastic surgery scars for up to a year afterward.

Movement: Taking it easy after surgery isn’t just about making sure you get enough rest. It’s also about avoiding unnecessary scarring. Excessive movement can cause swelling and prevent cross-linking of collagen and fibrin – the natural process that holds the wound together. Forceful movement can pull the incision apart.

Removal of bandages: It’s tempting, of course, to take a peek at your incisions after surgery. But that quick peek can compromise your healing if you pull or scratch at the incision in the process. Plus, keeping a fresh wound clean is critical for avoiding infection and further scarring.

To make sure your plastic surgery scarring is minimized, adopt and maintain a lifestyle that protects your skin from sun exposure and unhealthy substances (nicotine and alcohol). Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin daily and feed it with a nutritious diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of water. Get restorative rest and, above all, follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions without fail.

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Question by Diya Kapoor: Somebody tell me, how can i stay stylish with this “big scar”?/> i met with an accident in 4th std. & its wound hasnt completely covered-up! its between my knee and ankle in both legs and its that bad that my legs look abnormal naked( because of surgery) so, i cant wear capri or mini-skirts or maxi or gowns(short). so, all that is left behind is full-size jeans. what other out-fits can i try? how can i make myself look stylish without showing my legs???

Best answers:

Answer by flashing.lights
I think you can definitely wear maxi length gowns! As well as the saturated dark, always skinny jeans, from Gap:


Put on some heels with jeans and flats with the maxi and they both would look very cute and stylish!

Answer by Super Girl
try wearing leggings with anything with a skirt. you could also wear nude stockings. are your scars all the way down to your ankles? if not, you can just wear regular jeans and roll them up to just below your scars for the capri look. good luck!

Answer by Monique Honeyghan
There are loads of ways to look stylish…

Me personally, I dont really show my legs off…and im the most stylish out of all my friends…! You can start with leggings! You can get them in all colours…but at the moment the leather looking ones are HOT!!! You can team this with a drape vest with funky logos or desin on the front..

Or….You can wear white skinny jeans, in summer and a white shirt tucked in, roll up the sleeves get some chunky bangles and a few chains, and a tan belt..some heels or cuteflats…even converse and you’ll look great… Team this with a nude/ peach or even black blazer you’ll look amazing! In the evening wear skinny jeans, or your leather looking legging wih a black blazer, drape vest chain and bangles again!!!

Hope that helps!

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