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Plastic Surgery Tips � How to Reduce Scarring

Plastic Surgery Tips – How to Reduce Scarring

The maturation of scars must be protected against sunlight (UV) for a good 6-12 months, which includes both sun and solarium. The sun, whether in winter or summer, may cause permanent dark pigmentation spots in or around areas of scar known as “hyperpigmentation”. It is often a permanent change in pigmentation of the skin that is almost impossible to eliminate by any means. With the use of sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher, frequently and regularly used) the use of baseball-type hats or umbrellas, seeking shade, avoiding peak hours of sunlight (11 to 2 hours), this dreaded complication is avoided. When the period of one year has elapsed, the sensitivity of tanning and the risk of hyperpigmentation is substantially equal to the normal intact skin. At this point, you should not worry about more hyperpigmentation.

Nevertheless, we recommend the strategy pursued throughout success using sunscreen and avoiding tanning rays to reduce your risk of developing cancer of the skin and prevent wrinkles and aging skin!

In the early stages of recovery when it completed the process of healing, the sutures are removed or dissolved, and have been officially released from any and all restrictions, the application of massage as a high quality, hypoallergenic moisturizer twice daily for at least 3-6 months is very useful. Massage the area in general is more important than the simple application. A few minutes is spent massaging gently throughout the surrounding area and specific as scars.

Plastic surgeons are constantly struggling with the scars. Most of the time we did win. We have many tricks to maintain small, hidden and (hopefully) as close to invisible as possible. But they have also proven methodologies that our patients need to know and have to use for best results. Whether a scar from surgery of any kind or an accident, follow these tips and guidelines tend to give less visible scars and more discreet. Remember, however, should always be discussed with your board certified plastic surgeon questions about your individual specific treatments or scars you may have.

maturation of the scar is a slow process that usually takes 9 months to 18 months to be finalized. It is important to understand that while there may be thickening or redness associated with a scar for the first weeks or months, most of these problems with substantial look much improved in 12-14 months. Although some scarring may be objectionable from the beginning, it is usually best to wait until the complete maturation process was completed before implementation of any meaningful intervention. Very often, it is natural that the improvement of the reviews or special surgical interventions are still needed.

Although improved surgical is ultimately needed is usually much less intense than what was planned, if made earlier (and prematurely). In general, both as a slightly pink or red scar, it is still maturing workforce. In children, this maturation process further extended by periods of active growth, which generally leads to continuous improvement as well. If a scar seems to be growing in size and thicker as time goes forward thinner or is still blush rather than the lightning, you should bring this attention to your plastic surgeon immediately. This kind of behavior due to a scar may be signs of an imminent keloid or hypertrophic scars – conditions that usually justify an earlier intervention.

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Question from CaliGirl: What should I do about my acne? (pic included!) PLEASE HELP! 10 POINTS!?

I am only 13 and I haven’t started my period. But lately, I just cannot get rid of my chin or eyebrow area acne. I have this schedule pickup and thing at my school soon and I DO NOT want to look like this! Sure, I wear makeup and all but concealer sometimes just makes it more noticeable!

My question is, what can I do do reduce redness and increase healing? The acne near my eyebrows are just a bit red but not bad but that area is ALWAYS OILY no matter what I do! And I don’t want to spend a lot of money on products that may or may not work! I also DO NOT WANT TO USE TOOTHPASTE OR ICE>

Please leave suggestions and all help is greatly appreciated! I know not to touch my pimples it’s just hard when they need to be popped! Also, only one of those red dots on my chin is a pimple! The rest are just “scars” from other pimples that look like pimples but they aren’t!

Best answers:

Answer by notw777
buy some cleansers and use them every day…

Answer by abaga
Well use some cover up if its still there when you go to school

Meanwhile put some spot treatment on it asap.

Clean and Clear advantage has a good one. So does clearasil and neutrogena. They work in 3-5 days.

Hot cloths helps swell it down.

But wash your face and don’t touch it , remember cleanse, tone, moisturize, and spot treat.

I reccomend proactiv but its all up to you.

Good luck =)

Answer by vcbubblez
Just keep using acne medicine, the ones you buy at drug stores, and keep your face clean with acne cleansers morning and night. Don’t go overboard with the stuff or else you’re be super dry and start peeling. DON’T POP OR SQUEEZE THEM! that’ll just make it redder and cause a scab, then you can’t cover it with makeup. Trust me, I have a HUGE zit in the middle of my face and i’ve managed to cover it with makeup. Well since you’ve got acne, your period is probably coming soon too, but don’t worry, almost everyone’s gone through the acne age- just bear with it! Well at least you’re pretty! So the acne isn’t that big of a deal

Answer by Kristin S
I have always had problems with acne for as long as I can remember. I tried Clearsil, Neutrogena, Oil of Olay… You name it, I have tried it. And I went to the mall a few years ago and they had a booth set up right in the middle for Proactive.. And I paid $ 19.99- which is what it is on TV but without the shipping and handling. And my package that I picked up had this refining mask with it that is used as a spot treatment and let me tell you… That stuff cleared up my skin almost over night. Not just the refining mask but the WHOLE system.. At first it did make my skin a little bit dry… Not flaky or anything, just tight feeling but within literally a couple of days, my acne was completely gone. It even helped clear up some of my skin redness.. I HIGHLY recommend going to the mall and searching for a proactive booth and get it! Why not spend the few extra bucks on something that works rather than spend $ 6 on a whole tube of crap that isnt going to even phase your skin? PLEASE go get proactive.. You will not be disappointed! It even has a money back guarentee so you cant go wrong either way!! Visit the website too and see before and after pictures and stuff at Hope I helped! ':D'

Answer by Tracye B
Neutrogena facial bar for normal to oily skin is what my dermatologist recommended when I was a teen. Also, regardless of the acne, you still need a moisturizer and a toner after washing your face. Hint unrecognized by a lot of people. Wash your hair under the faucet before showering. Hair conditioners can clog facial pores, and cause acne. I took that advice from a friend, and stopped getting acne as bad. Also, to reduce redness, believe it or not, Visine!!

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