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Best Ways to Heal and Treat Scars

Best ways to heal and treat scars

If you have undergone surgery recently, your healing scars may still be red or raised. You can apply a thin layer of Aquaphor or Bacitracin ointment on the scars once you remove your dressings. These can quicken the healing process. If you have problems with healing or any open wounds, then you may have to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions carefully.

In some people, complete scar healing can take several months or years. First of all, you must take care to protect the scars on your body from the harmful rays of the sun. With scar massage, the softening of your scars can happen over time. Massaging the scars is one of the best ways to heal or treat scars without side effects. You can also make use of a skin cream or ointment such as Scarfade or Mederma for this purpose. Silicone sheeting is prescribed by some surgeons to aid the scar healing process. This is available at several pharmacies and drug stores online. You can speak to your surgeon to understand whether you are the right candidate for silicone sheeting or not.

Serious scarring from previous bouts of acne can also be treated in various ways. Laser resurfacing is a popular form of treatment that is offered in the doctor’s or dermatologist’s office. The laser can leave the skin smoother by removing the damaged top layer of skin. This treatment is carried out after putting the patient under local anesthesia. Skin can heal completely within 10 days post treatment. Pimple scars can be treated effectively through another popular method called dermabrasion. In this method, the surface of the skin is worn down with the help of arotating wire brush or instrument. Following scar healing, a smoother, new layer of skin starts replacing the old layer. However, the time taken for skin healing using dermabrasion may go up to 3 weeks.

The fractional laser therapy treatment is the most advanced method to treat acne scars. The healing time is shorter in this method since it does not affect the top layer of the skin. However, the fractional laser therapy treatment is quite costly, and is mostly not covered by insurance.

Most post surgical scars tend to heal or fade over time. If you face the problem of un-favorable scar healing, you can discuss with your plastic surgeon about the possible solutions. While keloid or raised scars can be treated using local steroid injections, the irregular scars can be corrected using the surgical methods.

Scars can be healed or treated using natural methods also. Essential oils such as lavender, chamomile or bergamot can all help scars heal naturally. Fresh Aloe Vera juice is also an excellent cure to treat or heal scars the natural way. It works really well for facial scars like pimples. Vitamin E and castor oil can also be applied on the scars regularly to get rid of it eventually. These have been used since time immemorial to prevent and reduce stretch marks and other types of scars.

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