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Scar Removal-How at Home Treatment Can Be the Relief Some Need For Scar Embarrassment

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Scar Removal-How at Home Treatment Can Be the Relief Some Need For Scar Embarrassment

The option of scar removal in the privacy of home can be a godsend. Some people feel significant embarrassment about their scarring, and won’t even leave the house to see a doctor about scar reduction.

A new generation of scar treatment products has been specifically created for use at home. The best contain silicone, whose therapeutic value is proven.

Recovery is two-fold.

?First there is the scar removal itself.
?Then there is the psychic removal of any stigma they feel.
?The fact is, no scar can be erased.
?But studies indicate silicone works as a scar reducer.

Why a stigma?

?People have had actual shaming experiences, such as strangers staring.
?Many also fear losing face.’
?People may not want anyone to notice they are treating a scar.
? Scar treatment products are not noticeable.

Location, location, location

Shame surrounding permanent wound marks is made worse depending upon where on the body they are located.

1.Women as well as men try various attempts to keep them covered.
2.Some will not swim in public.
3.Women won’t buy or wear sleeveless and low-cut dresses.
4.Men avoid muscle shirts and sportswear.
5.Scars on legs can mean long pants regardless of the season.
6.The thought of intimate relations can be nerve-wracking.
7.In severe or disfiguring scarring sufferers may refuse to leave the house.

Since they only uncover these areas at home, many will only consider scar removal they can begin at home, in private. Silicone scar removal creams can be ordered on the internet and delivered discreetly.

Embarrassment is not always about the size of scars.

Acne Scars

Many a young adult can’t stand the remnants of acne. Squeezing and popping acne pustules increases pitting, but many don’t know that until after they’ve damaged their face, or shoulders and chest.

Silicone scar removal (SSR) fades the color, softens the hard fibers and flattens skin so that pits are less noticeable.

Stitches Scars

People live for years with the prominent result of an accident in childhood. They meet new people as adults and are certain everyone is looking at the scar. They want it gone.

In addition, a bad cut or severe wound may be stitched quickly in an emergency room, without time for proper care to reduce scarring. A jagged, permanent reminder of the accident is a candidate for SSR.

Surgery Scars

The redness common in surgery scars can cause concern. The incision from heart surgery, or caesarian section, or even cosmetic surgery can cause shame. SSR in private allows these marks to fade over time, with repeated use.

Keloids and Hypertrophies

These are the largest, most prominent and often disfiguring heaps of tough fibres that develop as a wound heals. The cause is a mystery.

Such scars often require surgery and dermatological techniques for reduction (doctors call it “revision”).
The application of silicone as soon as the wound closes can decrease the formation of new scar tissue. Doctors often use SSR as a complementary therapy.

For many, simply taking the step of scar removal builds confidence.

The severely embarrassed may develop the courage to make further strides, such as leaving the house. Others find they forget they have a mark.

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