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A Guide to Scars Treatment

A Guide To Scars Treatment

Scars treatment can almost remove the appearance of scars in just a matter of days.� Scar removal used to require surgeries or expensive procedures, which all had damaging side effects.� Now, scars are treatable with a variety of tested remedies and products found at the store or even at the house.

While just about many scars will diminish with time, most scars will remain visible… but the visual aspect can be minimized if they are treated.

With appropriate scar treatment procedure, many scars can be faded – leaving only almost slightly unnoticeable and somewhat traces. The visual aspect of scars from the body can be minimized even if the scars have been there for years.

For example, here are some benefits with the proper scars treatment…

Attain same or better results of pricey medical procedures at a modest fraction of the cost

Loosen down the tissues and regenerates the elasticity of the skin

Maintains a healthy and radiating skin

Reduces the redness and visibility of deep and long scars within days


Currently, there are products aimed particularly in reducing and shrinking the appearance of scars. Results for shrinking scar appearances are best when the scars are newly formed. Older scars may take more time.

Even if a scar is yet noticeable, there are various ways to minimize or conceal its appearance.

There are many scars treatment available.� Here are a few treatment program to get rid of scars of any types – burn scars, acne scars, keloid scars and surgery scars:

Treat fresh wounds to diminish the severity of scars. Keep wounds clean and covered to protect them from being infected. Infection will lead to form severe scars.� Put on antibiotic cream or ointment designed to shrink scars.� Avoid picking at scabs to speed the healing process.� Protect the scar from the sun and moisturize the scar once the wound has healed.

Massaging the scar can help minimize scars and keep scar tissue buildup.� Gentle massage will stimulate circulation to the scar and skin area.� It will help speed up the healing process and ensure good skin elasticity.� Gently rub moisturizer and vitamin E to scars.� Moisturizer will keep the scar soft and smooth.

Patches and cream can be used to treat older scars.� They are available at most drug stores.� They are put over the scars and can take a few weeks to see results.

Exfoliating, moisturizing and cleaning will keep the skin healthy.� A healthy skin will heal faster and will appear better.

Some scars will need something a bit more invasive, like surgical scar removal, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, steroid injections or other medical procedure.� For that, a dermatologist or medical professional should be consulted for the right treatment and professional.

As you can see, scars treatment is a gradual process.� It takes time.� Some scars will take more time to reduce in size.� Severe scars like surgical scars will not go away but their appearance can be minimized.

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Question from Jedediah: Should i see some sort of therapist/psychiatrist/psychologist?

When i was very young and lived in another city my dad was an alcoholic and he would abuse me my brother and my mom, my mom then packed all our bags and we left while my dad was at work. She then started drinking since we moved there and physically abused me but not my brother. I was extremely depressed as a young kid when i was in kindergarten and 1st grade but i didn’t know it was depression, i then started to forget about being abused and started to live like a normal kid. When i was in sixth grade i started to become extremely depressed again because i remembered my repressed memories and to top it off i had teen troubles like everyone else. I had been thinking heavily about suicide and attempted to do so on several occasions, i went to a mental hospital where they put me on 3 different pills, Prozac, Wellbutrin, and Celexa over the course of about a year, i was only in the hospital for a week because i lied to get out. I had suicidal thoughts, attempts, major depression, and anxiety. My grades became so bad in sixth-seventh grade because of what was happening, i dropped out and did independent studies for eighth grade and i got straight A’s. I still have been thinking about suicide a lot and i’m still depressed. I don’t want to ask my parents to take me to talk to a doctor for a lot of reasons. They would both deny completely that they’ve abused me when i was young, If i am still very depressed with all the pills they’ve given me and “treatment” what will be different this time? Granted the doctor i saw every once in a while was shit and didn’t want anything more than money and i didn’t tell them that i was scarred for life but… how could i? Can i go in alone to talk to them at 14? Where in the world would i go to do that? I would love an answer from someone please.

Best answers:

Answer by Bob
yes you should

Answer by Ferk
You need some professional help. Maybe you can talk to someone in authority at your school.

Answer by sizzlerguy
You’re 14 years old, so you cannot talk to any doctor in confidence. Your mother, father, or other family members will be contacted immediatly. Your family MUST be part of your “support group,” but they are the problem, so you’re in a real tuf spot.

Most psychiatrists are, as you put it ****, or SITH, Sick In The Head barbarians who simply prescribe Big Pharma toxic poisonous brain damaging mind altering prescription drugs to adict you to their drugs, their useless services, and to make a profit.

Answer by Diana
Please try to find help. Maybe you can even confide in a friend. It’s incredibly important to get the help you need while you’re still willing to receive treatment. Personally, I would seek out some form of group therapy. It may be a better choice to lean away from anti-depressants and other medications until you’re older, but then again, it’s entirely up to you. The best thing to do right now is find an adult you can trust. There are so many different forms of therapy for you to try. You don’t have to live like this, life CAN get better. Don’t ever feel ashamed or embarrassed to look for help. You know what you’re parents did to you, and it sounds like you need to talk about this.

And although there are Doctor’s who are too quick to prescribe medications and are in the practice for the wrong reason, you need to know there are still professionals out there you can trust.

Answer by lily
yes u need professional help. i am really sad to know that u r going through such a bad phase but first of all never even think of a suicide . dont worry things will some day improve for sure. u can meet a doctor and u must. meet a psychologist. he wont put u on much medication but will help u by talking alot of different things to u. i also wanna appreciate u that u are not giving up and want to move forward and help urself. great job. also i think one more thing can help u. try to find out some non governmental organization or whatever such bodies of social work are known as in ur country. they may come up and help for free. at ur personal level what u can do is start meditation daily. it will help u alot. i am sure ul one day be a very happy person and ul have all the happiness of the world for sure. i am sure god will bless u for sure. good luck

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