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About Effective Treatment of Scars

About Effective Treatment of Scars

So much depends on our looks and the way we appear that we all abhor scars of any sort anywhere on our body most of all on our faces. Scar treatment is therefore possibly the most wanted aspect of cosmetic science. It’s positively one of the most humane treatments bringing back the charm, as it does, and the person’s confidence as well.

Scars are left behind on our skin whenever there is an injury, a tear or burn and any trauma or surgery on the skin. The scar never goes away completely and all you can do is to reduce the size and the appearance of the scar. Scars appear in several varieties. It’s important to know of the type of scar since scarring treatment will be guided by this factor mainly. Though there is no known cause of Keloid scars, it’s said that they are mostly caused when the healing process had been aggressive. In such cases the scar could eventually be larger than the original injury mark that caused it. Such scars are generally removed surgically and in certain cases these are treated with the help of steroids. If the keloid is small it could be treated with the use of liquid nitrogen, a process called cryotherapy. In the event of any injuries you may prevent the formation of keloid by either applying gel pads with silicone or with the help of pressure application.

Scar treatment may be required in the case of contractive scars that occur in burn injuries when the scarring could penetrate through the skin and affect nerves and even muscles. Scarring treatment may also be required for hypertrophic scars that are red and raised but otherwise similar to keloid. These could be treated with steroids.

In a number of cases acne could be fairly severe and may leave either deep scars or those that are either wavelike or angular. Scar treatment in these cases will be guided by the type of the acne scars that you may have.

Scarring treatment therefore could be by using prescription gels, creams or ointments. Surgical intervention and steroid injections are prescribed in certain cases as well. Ultimately the type of scarring will be the deciding factor.

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