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Acne Remedy � 4 Treatments to Reduce Scars

Acne Remedy – 4 Treatments to Reduce Scars

It is fairly common for those individuals who have suffered numerous or significant outbreaks of the lesions that are common with acne to end up with acne scars.� Part of a comprehensive acne remedy means dealing with the scars that stay with the person for a lifetime unless active treatment is sought. The level of treatment will vary according to the type of scars and their depth, but part of the effective treatment is to deal with the psychological aspects that result from physical scarring.� A combination of psychological treatment, medical intervention and more serious cosmetic intervention can help all the facets of treatments.


Laser treatments, used as an acne remedy is fairly recent in nature.� Laser treatment is quickly replacing some of the more traditional treatments such as antibiotic which are losing effectiveness due to overuse.� In laser therapy, the damaged skin is resurfaced by holding the laser pen over the tissue and moving the light beam across the tissue that is unwanted.� This allows new cell growth on the restructured surface. Collagen forms as well on the new surface so that the skin is new and clear. In choosing a professional to do laser resurfacing, be sure to check qualifications and experiences.�

Chemical peel

A chemical peel is one of the older types of acne remedy. The procedure for a chemical peel is to select a product that removes the top (dead) layer of skin so that your skin pores are freed of dead skin cells.� The dead cells no longer accumulate below the skin surface to provide food for the bacteria.� Red and yellow pimples with associated inflammation are deactivated.� A chemical peel will also destroy the sub surface bacteria.� Finally, a chemical peel is effective for removing dead skin cells so that the chance of future outbreaks is lessened.


Acne dermabrasion is the oldest and most common treatment for acne scars.� Similar in concept to laser surgery, dermabrasion uses a different tool, but essentially the same results. This acne remedy is accomplished by removing the top layer of skin, including acne scarred and damaged skin. This procedure leaves a fairly smooth and unblemished surface on which the new cells can form. Dermabrasion relies on mechanical means, rather than chemical or laser. The instrument used is a high speed rotary tool, consisting of a wheel or brush that smooth out the microscopic layer of the skin by ’sanding’ off the bumps and making variance between blemishes and the regular skin surface less noticeable.


Cosmetic surgery is a much less common acne remedy. �Cosmetic surgery essentially minimizes the scars and blemishes and has been used by thousands of people over the years. If the scars are deep or numerous, cosmetic surgery is a great solution for you. Before choosing surgery, or any of the other acne scar removal techniques, it is important to speak with a cosmetic surgeon about potential problems, expected outcomes and medical history of the person considering the treatment. The surgeon will help you to determine what procedure is the best one for your particular acne problem.


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