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Get Rid of Scars Naturally � How to Reduce Scars Using Tea Tree Oil

Get Rid of Scars Naturally – How to Reduce Scars Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is also known as melaleuca oil, an active antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial herbal remedy that promotes healthy skin thus helping to get rid of scars naturally. Just one drop of this powerful oil can do wonders on your overall health. It stimulates cell renewal thus making it easy for skin rejuvenation which boosts healthy looking skin.

There are several ways in using tea tree oil to get rid of scars naturally. First is through soap. There are a lot of available soaps with tea tree oil ingredient in the market that we could use. During every bath, start with a hot shower then use the soap and let it stay on your skin for about 2 to 5 minutes. Rinse off with a cold shower and then pat your skin dry.

You could also create your own tea tree oil toner to get rid of scars naturally. You just have to mix pure tea tree oil with clean water (1 part of oil to 3 parts of water). You then have to apply this topically using a clean cotton balls every night to help fight bacteria to smoothen your scars. Then you could also mix 20 to 30 drops of pure tea tree oil on your warm bath and soak yourself for about 15 to 20 minutes three to four times a week. Do all of these religiously for best results.

Tea tree oil can be considered a miracle cure when it comes to healing. It is a considered as highly effective in dealing with scars as well as acne and other skin problems. As time goes by, it has proven itself in doing magic when it comes to skin rejuvenation.

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Question from Joshua B: What do these symptoms sound like?? HIV? Cirrhosis?

Please…I need someone to help me. I don’t trust doctors. A lot of times they are wrong with their diagnosis, so I feel more comfortable asking this on Yahoo answers. I will tell you my symptoms and experience and if ANYONE has ANY insight into what my problem may be…please respond. I am hoping the good spirits will lead me in the right direction as I’ve had these problems for over 10 years now. OK, so when I was a child I was pretty healthy…I got earaches from time to time and strep throat. I never had sex with anyone until I was 18. but I had bad breath when I was in school but not chronic. I think it was just due to a dry mouth but it was definitly worse than average so I had some underlying problem, I am sure of it. Also the infections were more than normal. Then at age 17 I had a MASSIVE overdose on MDMA AND SPEED during a 3 day binge (I know I was a moron and I deserve what I got,…but I didnt know how bad it was for you back then…but I still shouldnt of taken so many pills) I almost died. I went to the hospital and they couldnt figure out what was wrong. They said it was heroin withdrawl. I am sure that wasnt it. I dont think there was heroin in the pills. Even with the brown dots in them, I was told heroin in pills is a rumor. So, thats besides the point. Ever since the overdose, I have had insanely serious health problems. I also smoked weed everyday for 10 years (all day long…I was considered the biggest pothead in my town) I am sure this weakened my immune system since I did not do it in moderation. I will explain all my symptoms here in a moment. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. So, I think the pot is also a factor. Since I quit, I have felt slightly healthier. My serotonin seems to be back….My parasites have reduced, etc. So, I relate that to my immune system. Anyways, my symptoms are White Coated Tongue (also it is yellow sometimes…and it’s severe….brushing wont get rid of it….the only thing that reduces it is eating all raw food and living a healthy lifestlye…which is hard for me to do all the time) Alslo i have a swollen and (sometimes) dried up ankle(mostly when I drink a lot of alcohol). It’s also looks like my ankle is “scarred” …this could be when it got real dry and I picked the skin off and it started bleeding, but it was dry for 10 years. People would look at it and say “What’s wrong with your ankle!?” So, it is very abnormal. I looked up online and I think its ankle edema. My lower leg is also usually swollen. I am sure the overdose messed my liver up as I always have horrible breath even if I brushed and flossed 10x a day it wouldnt help. I know my body is overun by bacteria…thats ovbious to me. I am not sure what diseaes I have though since the doctors never diagnosed me correctly (and also i am AGAINST taking prescription drugs, as they also weaken your immune system…so I stopped going to the doctor over 8 years ago…since they never helped me anyways) I started eating as good as possible (organic foods, etc) but i also have been eating a lot of fast food now lately. I know I need to stop that as it just makes things worse. So, I know what to do, I just need to know what I could have, I am wondering if it might be HIV. I am terrified of needles so I dont want to get an HIV test. Also I’ve only had sex with 1 girl in my life….and she had the HIV test and came up negative…so I might not have HIV…but then again..I do have the symptoms of it. I also have bad parasites….I can see them when I goto the bathroom…they explode when they hit the toilet…and consquently I also have explosive diarhea (ESPECIALLY for the first 3 days after I quit smoking marijuana….which i rcently quit…but I am still having them right now as we speak) I have quit marijuana several times in my life and everytime I got the explosive diareha. One time I got severe Nausea and vomiting and was CHOKING on my own vomit. I couldnt breath and almost died. I got lucky and got some marijuana which stopped me from throwing up and saved my life. Now I dont get those severe symptoms anymore. Just headacles, and diareah and nausea, but no severe vomiting (thank god!) I think that is due to my years of eating healthy that has strengthened my immune system. Now dont be afraid to tell me I might have HIV…I am NOT a hypocondraict and I will not freak out over it. I really want to know…if I am told i have it…it will be even more motivation for me to do everything healthy so i can cure it. I know the “Cure” word is illegal for health people to use, but I know HIV can be cured…I believe in spiritual healing as well. I think this is the reason I am still here today. I mean, I have had these symptoms for SO LONG now (over 10 years) that you’d figure I would of gotten worse or died. I have actually gotten healtheir. I have heard of people with AIDS who have gotten healtheir to the point to where they only had HIV…so I believe that. I may be one of those cases. I

by the way I KNOW the pills had MDMA and Speed (but i seriously doubt heroin)in them because I know what both do to you. I had two different types. I had the pink panthers which were very high dose of MDMA (even one led me to seeing vibrations..but I took 10 of them in 2 days) And I had 5 white bombs which were straight amphetemines) I had the overdose in 1999 when pills were much stronger. You could compare it to eating about 50 pills in 3 days for nowadays stength.Plus you’re not supposed to mix MDMA and speed…it makes it more toxic. The short term effects were mostly heart problems and I couldnt sleep) I should of died. I definitly had a higher power watching over me.

By the way I am not overweight at all. I am skinny. I am 30 years old and look like I’m 17….(no exageration)so I havent aged at all either during this crisis. I should of added that in my description. And my bones are very weak. I broke my finger from simply wrestling a friend. I used to wrestle all the time when I was younger and never even came close to breaking any bones..

Best answers:

Answer by Seraphim
The only advise I can give you is to get over your mistrust of doctors, for only they can help you. Also, your lack of education regarding prescription medication is unsettling. Although there are a couple classes of medications that do compromise your immune system (corticosteroids, etc.), most of them do not. I would highly advise you see a physician because for all you know, that edema can be caused by liver or heart failure, or you could have a DVT and have it break off to your lungs and die from a PE.

Answer by charontheloose
Sounds like eczema on your ankle. Drinking is poison/toxic for eczema it will flare it up.

If you have dry mouth that can be what is wrong with your tongue. Smoking weed clogs the saliva ducts. Chew crushed ice for a few weeks should help tons. And help open ducts.

I know many many old druggies. When there were real hard drugs in the late 60’s and 70’s. Much of what you say has nothing to do with the ones you did. (Bones being weak) That is from diet while on the drugs. Now your paranoia is drug related.

If your liver was shot you would have jaundice before anything else.

Think about cleaning yourself out. Parasites are nasty to one body.

Your other question said you have some powers that most do not. Maybe your seeing the future with the AIDS if you do not change your ways. Some kind of warning???

Just a thought.

Answer by ?
Why r u so concerned that u may have HIV? I don’t like needles either but, if I thought I was HIV positive I would just get tested. As for your health problems, drugs, especially speed, will destroy your body in particular, your digestive tract. I bet u have IBS and probably acid reflux, this would explain your problems with going number two and chronic bad breath. Since u mentioned weed, I just want to tell u, that in my opinion the only thing that’s done to u, is possibly mad u paranoid.. Especially if u smoked in combination with hallucinagins.. My opinion is that u go talk to a doctor. But not a medicinal doc, I think it would be helpful for u to go talk to a therapist. There are some really great ones out there, that r all about natural

medicine and peace achieved through meditation and spiritual awareness. I am glad that u have changed your lifestyle in such a positive way, that’s not an easy thing to do and u should be proud of yourself.

Answer by Doorknob
You must put yourself in the hands of people who have spent 10 years and more studying medicine,those are known as doctors. Any person with these problems would have been to a hospital long ago. You can’t trust yourself to diagnose yourself,especially after years of destroying your brain. You don’t think your brain is something aside from your body,I hope. If it can be so strongly affected by drug

abuse,then the the drugs have been in your brain and done

their damage. As a person who has never abused his body or brain,it is hard for me to write you and keep cool Good luck.

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