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The Scar Solution � How to Remove Facial Scars

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The Scar Solution – How To Remove Facial Scars

Acne is a skin condition that affects up to 80% of people in their teens and twenties, and up to 5% of older adults. While many people recover from acne without any permanent effects, some people are left with disfiguring acne scars. Acne scars are come into being when your body employs connective tissues for repairing the damage on your skin. In this process, your white blood cells work with the antibodies for healing the damage that is caused by Acne. When the healing process completes facial scars come into sight.

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However, these scars are treatable or curable. Here's how to remove facial scars by using natural home treatments.

You can buy some vitamin E capsules, break them, and take out the fluid. Smear this fluid on the scars. You can also mix it with aloe vera gel in equal quantity and apply on the affected area. Aloe vera is one of the most effective agents to treat facial scars and marks. In fact, the chemicals present in this specific plant are believed to work greatly on damaged skin. Another method is to blanch green tea, take a cotton ball, and soak it in the blanched tea. Then, apply it on the scars. If you do not have oily skin, you can take some honey and rub it onto the scars to help them heal quickly.

You can also try mixing one tablespoon of sour cream, one tablespoon of yogurt, one tablespoon of grind oatmeal, and three to four drops of lemon juice; apply on your face; and leave on for ten minutes before washing it off. Lemon juice is known to not only lighten the scars but also helps remove blemishes. Lavender oil, olive oil, or tea tree oil may also be used. Take a cotton ball and add two to three drops of oil on it and apply generously on your face to eliminate scar marks.

You don't have to live with facial scars. Try these methods and get rid of them at last.

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