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Is Laser Treatment Acne Scars Effective?

Is Laser Treatment Acne Scars Effective?

Acne can be treated through topical lotions as well as antibiotics, but a more effective form of treatment is through laser. Laser treatment for acne scars works by removing scar tissues and as a result it makes the skin smooth to feel and touch. As the laser light hits skin surface, it stimulates the growth of skin collagen, which is necessary for firm skin. It also helps to pull out those acne scars that have plunged into the skin and bring them to the surface to make the skin structure normal.

Prior to application of laser a cream is applied to skin to make the area numb. The laser light is focused on the affected areas and in the process sebaceous glands which are the cause for pimple formation are diminished.

Two types of lasers are used in laser treatment acne scars, one is ablative laser and other is non ablative laser. Ablative lasers remove damaged scar tissue. They work by vaporizing such tissues and they also stimulate skin collagen growth. However, they are not right for dark skin types as it makes skin pigmentation more affected in such skin types. Non ablative lasers work by simply enhancing skin collagen production so that scar on skin is raised. There is no skin tissue removal. This type of laser is also effective in reducing skin lines and it enhances skin texture.

Laser treatmentis highly useful but for someone opting for this form of acne treatment it is also important to know about its side effects. Common side effects include changes in the skin pigmentation or color. This is more obvious in the case of those who are dark skinned. The skin becomes rough and there can be swelling as well. Discomfort level for skin is also very minimal. However, the side effects of laser treatment of acne are minimalistic to the positive things you gain from it.

Is a laser treatment acne scar a permanent solution? This is a question that many people ask. Well, the answer is, yes it is long lasting. You may need another sitting after six month. If you take good care of your skin, you might need treatment only after two years. Results in scar reduction are significant and instant, which is why it is such a popular method for acne scar treatment.

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Question from JustMeSpontaneously: I need some really good tips for skin, makeup, and fashion! Help?

Hello! =D I am 15, 5′4″, and I weigh 110-113. Ive never been very good at “girly” things. Im looking for tips and suggestions on skin, makeup, fashion, hair, and a good morning routine. (Including all of these will help you get best answer) I am a full time college student at the local community college and I just graduated high school. I do take summer courses and I transfer to a 4-year college in the Spring.

A few pictures of me: (Face) (Full body) (Extra)


Skin: Well. As you can see above my skin is less than cooperative. I have Clearskin (from Avon, it is step 1 – deep pore cleansing scrub, step 2 – clarifying toner pads, step 3 – daily correcting lotion, and invisible blemish treatment), Dove moisturizer, Neutrogena Wave, a pore minimizer lotion, Health & Henry blemish gel, and Avon moisturizer. Im never sure when or what to use. I can always get more stuff. Especially items from Avon. My skin is always changing. Also, what to eat that could help this and how to get rid of the “scars”


Makeup: I dread putting on makeup, it scares me a bit. I usually wear foundation and mascara. Thats it. I have quite a bit of makeup, my mom is always giving me some and trying to get me to use it. I dont know how to apply it or what to use or where to use it! Help! I have all kinds like I said and Im always able to get more.


Hair: Ugh. I hate my hair it is so frizzy and its wavy in weird ways. Ick. I have a chi flat iron but it takes so long to do that every day. I also have a few styling products that I never got the hang of. Also, Im working on different styles and up-dos, Im sick of headbands. Im experimenting with color too. I had really blonde hair, tried to dye it red and got this odd color. My hair never took to color well and still doesnt. Any suggestions on a color for me?


Fashion: I have quite a large closet but I dont know how to wear things. I wear just plain jeans with a plain t-shirt everyday. I love to wear blouses’ with ties and vest or even suspenders sometimes. I have some great fedoras but I dont know how to wear them. I love dressing like that but it never turns out well or cute. I also need help on everyday outfits.


Morning routine: I hate morning with a passion. Though I almost always have to get up at 6. I need a detailed schedule that has everything I need to to between 5:30 am and 7:30 am (when I leave the house)


Extra: Accessories, room decorating, eating habits, etc. Organization and all that jazz. Accessories, like earrings and bracelets and all those things that make outfits pop and awesome. Need tons of tips there. Room decorating, I mostly need to organized and stuff. I have my bed, vanity, and desk. Than my closet and personal bathroom. I need tips for all of that. Whenever Im in my room trying to get stuff done, especially homework, I always get distracted. Eating, I horrible at eating. Im not anorexic or anything but Im just not hungry very often so I dont eat very much. When I do eat its usually junk. This led to a stomach ulcer I have currently which makes me want to eat all the time. I also need a few daily exercises to keep up with the weight gain and gain some endurance and muscle.


I think that is everything. Thanks a ton for any answer. I can always put up details as necessary.

I want to mention, with the eating thing, I have food allergies – eggs, peanuts, limes, grapes, tomatoes, and mangoes.

Best answers:

Answer by Char

Try a facewash with 5% Glycolic acid, (find it at sephora) tone, and moisturize your skin twice a day. Glycolic is an exfoliant, its rearranges cellular connections on your skins surface and picks up dead skin cells that can block your pores. Since it is a strong exfoliator, try to use a moisturizer with spf so you dont damage your skin in the sun. It sounds like you are almost overdoing it with the product. all you need is those three simple things in your skin care regime, your skin will only be able to handle so much product to absorb, so less is definitely more.

You could use a spot treatment for acne, but Don’t pick at your face, and try to keep your hands away from your face as much as possible. (bacteria spreads when you pick, and bacteria is ALL OVER your fingers and waiting to enter your pores and CLOG THEM!)

As far as the scars go, the gycolic will help, but try a vitamin E serum (only where you have the scars) every night before bed, it should also reduce their appearance.


you can still keep your routine simple and look great!

instead of a foundation, you can try a tinted moisturizer. this can be a two in one step, since moisturizing is vital to your skins health, you are hitting two birds with one stone by using tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation. They are a little more sheer than foundations though, so I would use a concealer stick over it.

Mascara is definitely one of my key makeup products. The key is finding the right brush. if you have short lashes, a long thinner wand head is better. for longer lashes, use a fatter brush to add volume. you can also make it funky and easy with colored mascaras, you can even find them at walmart. try to twirl your mascara brush as you apply, and wriggle it at the root of your lashes to get root to tip coverage, it has a way of lining the eye and defining it the more in depth you apply (so by making sure you have full coverage, you lose the need to use eyeliner!!!

You can also find a tinted lip balm it is simple and effective for lip color, and less messy. Gloss is great too; a light pink works for absolutely everyone, as long as it is a bit sheer.

Use a cheek color, (bronzer or blush)

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