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Acne Back Scar Treatment

Acne Back Scar Treatment

Acne scars can be bothersome for the people who have to deal with them. The problem is, long after the acne is gone, the scars remain. This problem affects not only the face, as acne can present itself on other parts of the body. One of these is the back, which is why acne back scar treatment is often sought.

Understanding Acne Back Scars
Most people associate acne scars with the face and this is understandable. They do not realize that pimples on the back are, in fact, acne. While the majority of people get acne on their faces, some are simply more prone to develop acne. For these persons they will get acne not just on the back, but also on other parts of the body as well.

Pimples on the back are more likely to become irritated as they come in constant contact with clothing. This irritation results in the affected persons scratching their back to get rid of the itch. This result in breaks the skin which can sometimes leads to infection. Damaging the skin by scratching produces more pronounced scarring. A successful acne back scar treatment should be able to significantly reduce the appearance of these scars. One such treatment is the use of silicone sheets and discs.

Preventing Acne Back Scars
Acne back scars can be prevented, but it calls for a little discipline. The best way to prevent scarring is by avoiding scratching or picking the pimples. The pimples will eventually ripen and erupt on their own which will leave less evident marks on the skin. Other ways to prevent acne back scars include:

Bathing in warm water to open the pores which will mean fewer pimples

Increasing water intake is known to be good for the skin

Increasing activity levels helps to rid the body of impurities which can produce acne pimples

Finding an Acne Back Scar Treatment
Just because a scar is on the back does not mean it will be forgotten. People tend to be conscious of scars no matter where they are. Acne scar treatment is not always expensive, as the cost depends on the extent of the scarring and the treatment option. Ways to deal with acne scars that are on the back include medication, laser skin treatments and chemical peels. Unfortunately, many of these known treatment options pose the risk of side effects.

One treatment option that is gaining ground in the acne treatment arena is silicone patches. A silicone patch is an effective acne back scar treatment because it works on scars of various sizes and types. These sheets are generally reusable and cost a whole lot less than other acne back scar treatments.

As with any other type of acne scar treatment, it is important to follow usage instructions. Depending on the age and degree of scarring, improvement can be seen in a few weeks. Very old back scars may take months to start diminishing, but will seem less visible over time.

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Question from Anonymous =): Why do I have a coldsore? (read info)?

im 11 years old and i have a coldsore but i did not kiss anybody , not even my family. i never share drinks with anybody either! i know these are herpes.. but i dont understand how a 11 yer old has one it started out as dry lips, then turned into a cut on both corners of my lips, and now they cold sores on both corners. I use so much for it but nothing works.

Two Questions:

how can i get rid of them fast (without buying more meds?)

and how did i get them?

I have already used:


Zilactin “Early relief cold sore Gel”

Polysporin (minimizes appearance of scars & takes germs away)

Anbesol GEL “immediat pain relief of cold sores”

Any good home remedies or something ..? i cant stand this … they are at both corners of my lips and they circle around and look like im a clown ..Help!!!!! and when i wake up in the morning they get all crusty and dry again.. cause i breathe out of my mouth because I have a stuffy nose.. Grrrr.

I know im 11 and under age for Yahoo answers but im desperate to get rid of these th ings!!!

There has to be some quick cure please help .. I look sooo ugly and people are going to think i have herpes and kissed somebody .. but i didnt!!

Two Questions for you to answer please…

1. Why do I have cold sores (herpes)

2. Any home remedies to get rid of them fast?

Best answers:

Answer by ':)'
do not panic. it’s fine over 80 percent of the population has some type of herpes. i got my first cold sore in the third grade and like you had never kissed anyone. i know it doesn’t seem fair but you’re really making it a bigger deal than it is. you could ask your mom to miss school but since it’s christmas break i don’t think you even have school anymore.

herpes is not the end of the world, you can still lead a normal life. abreva will help speed up the healing process. both your cold sores will be gone within two weeks. you probably caught herpes from sharing lipstick or chapstick with someone. you could have even gotten it from a kiss on the cheek. there are many ways but you shouldn’t focus on that. just don’t stress out and avoid chapped lips and you should keep the cold sores to a minimum. don’t worry about it. herpes is just a MINOR detail in your life. it’s extremely common and not everyone that has it is flipping out

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