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C Section Birth � It's OK To Have A C Section Birth

C Section Birth – It’s OK To Have A C Section Birth

Whether you are having a c section by your choice or not it is still a special kind of birth for your child. Truly, it is the stuff that legends are made of and is every bit, if not more romantic than the notions of a natural birth. And yet those that have elective c sections are so often made to feel that somehow they ‘cheated’ the birthing process.

One of the most famous stories is that of the Shakespearean tyrant Mac Beth who was buoyed by the knowledge that ‘None of woman born’ could harm him. Of course the irony was that his eventual killer – Mac Duff was born by cesarean section – technically not ‘born of woman’ at all!

I don’t know of anyone who has had an ‘elective’ cesarean who has not fully taken into account the ramifications of surgery vs a natural birth. Babies that are born by cesarean section are incredibly special because without this amazing technology the chances of their survival would almost certainly be nil. I have had three c sections – two of which were technically ‘elective’ and the first was a definite emergency. But all 4 – yes 4, of my children would not be here without this surgery being available.

And yet I was surprised at the lack of understanding towards the fact that my babies were born by c-section. I was actually told that I was ‘too posh to push’, accused of being lazy and accused of being a drama queen. A common question was ‘why would I deliberately put myself through surgery, 6 weeks of recovery and all the other crap that comes with having a c-section?’

My answers to these was simple. Life or Death.

It is not the choice that I would have made in a perfect world – hey, I would have loved to have been able to be running around 2 days after giving birth but fate had other ideas and suddenly survival – both babies and mine – became the priority.

My c-section scar is a tattoo that I am proud of. It represents the fight that my husband and I have put up to ensure our babies survival and each new twist to it is another amazing story that we have to tell.

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Question from BirthDramaMamma: What did he WANT to say?
I was at a party with my husband and we were chatting with some friends. One guy was talking about a bar that recently changed over from a strip club. He was saying how unattractive the ladies were who worked there were. Then he said, “And what’s with all the c-section scars?”

That’s where my husband stopped him, because I had a c-section, and I am a little sensitive. But I wonder, what would he have said?

This is meant to be an open ended question. How do you really feel about c-section scars? Are they ugly? Do you have negitive feelings about seeing c-section scars because it reminds you that a sexy woman is also a mother, like your own mother? Or is it something else, like that she may have choosen to have a c-section, or that she is unable to give birth vaginally? What’s the deal?

Here are a couple of c-section scar pics:

Best answers:

Answer by zero
I highly doubt it was as subliminal as you’re trying to assume. Chances are that what he would prefer to pay to see naked on a stage in his opinion has to be of a certain level of beauty TO HIM. In his personal opinion (and mine aswell, honestly) it seems as though he just does not find largely visible scars on someone who is trying to be seductive extremely attractive. This does not, unlike with you, bring about the image of motherhood – rather it brings out the image of sexual relations with other men.

If it was someone personal, and the scar came from the two parties involved having a child together – it would be looked apart in a much different light. I respect that my mother had to have a C-Section performed to give birth to me, but that doesn’t mean my lusting image of perfection has one.

Furthermore, those are VERY tame examples of C-Section scars.

Answer by Angel
Some C-sections leave horrible scarring. My best friend has a pretty bad and big scare from her c-section due to the hospital screwing up. Also I have been to strip clubs where the girls have bad scars from c-sections perhaps that was the issue with the bar that the scars are big and really noticeable.

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