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Best Way To Get Rid of Scars? Laser Scar Removal

Best Way To Get Rid of Scars? Laser Scar Removal

The presence of scars in our skin, may it be superficial or seriously large, thick and raised can totally affect our self-confidence or worst, it can even cause pain. But now you need not to worry. Laser scar removal treatments are available to improve the scar appearance. While there are creams that helps diminish the appearance of scar, laser scar removal treatment can get rid of the scar in notime. Thus it helps you regain your confidence sooner. This treatment lessens the look of the scar by 50-80 % and helps prevent recurrence. May it be a scar from a serious acne problem or from a sports injury or surgery? Don’t fret because laser scar treatment is the best option.

Other scar treatments such as collagen injection, microdermabrasion and chemical peels procedures can also significantly improve the scar appearance. A form of topical ointments such as creams and a bandage with silicon reduces pain and scar visibility. But these treatments could take months or years to yield results. That is why laser scar removal is the excellent choice because it minimizes the appearance of scars quickly than the other scar removal procedures.

The procedure last for a about 1-3hours depends upon the size of the scar and the actual length of time the procedure is done. The average cost is mostly 0 per hour or it depends again on the duration of the procedure. Inclusion of these is the anesthesia, physician and facility fees.

There are three main types of laser scar removal. Carbon dioxide laser and Er (Erbium): YAG lasers are best to treat atrophic and acne scars. Another type is the Fractionated Carbon dioxide and Er (Erbium): YAG lasers which is also used to treat acne scars but requires multiple treatments. Lastly is the 585-595 Pulsed dye laser technology which includes Cynosure and Candela lasers. These lasers are used to treat keloid and hypertrophic scars. This therapy smooth’s the skin by heating up and collagen stimulation while avoiding damage to epidermis through contact cooling. To reduce skin redness and improve scar texture, multiple sessions are usually required. These types of lasers do not burn the skin. They target the tissues beneath the skin surface and stimulate new collagen growth.

The general rule for this procedure is that the newer the scar is, the better the result.

During the procedure, the laser is moved along the scar. This can cause the skin to peel off to expose the natural-looking skin layer. Other lasers target the tissues beneath the skin to stimulate collagen growth. There are also lasers who used general anesthesia and local anesthesia in an out-patient departments or clinics.

The common risk factor with laser scar removal treatments is the appearance of dark spots in the skin or hyperpigmentation which can be avoided by use of sun block or preventing excessive sun exposure. Other risk factors include infection, allergic reactions and skin irritation, which can also be treated by topical agents prescribed by your doctor. There is no other precautionary measure necessary. In case of undesirable effect noticed such as pain and inflammation, seek medical attention immediately.

The effects of laser scar removal treatments will become visible in just a short period of time. You will then have a diminished scar appearance and a higher confidence and self-esteem level.

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