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Post-Operative Breast Implant Massage

Body Scar Removal Facts

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Post-Operative Breast Implant Massage

When you undergo any surgical procedure which introduces a foreign body inside of your body, be it a joint replacement or breast implant, the most common complication is the development of what is called a foreign body scar capsule contracture.

Scaring is the body’s natural way of healing and at the same time attempting to contain the foreign body which has been introduced into your system. The human body is designed to form the smallest scar possible for any injury.

In the case of breast implants, you want to reduce this natural process so that the implants remain free-moving and free from hard, large, or unsightly scars. To facilitate this, there are things which can be done before, during and after surgery to achieve the best possible results.

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Before you have augmentation surgery it is imperative that you quit smoking at least several weeks before your surgery date. Smoking causes your body to heal more slowly by restricting oxygen delivery to the surgical area. While quitting smoking is always advised, before any major surgery it is simply a requirement.

In addition to quitting smoking, before your breast augmentation surgery you should shower and make sure to wash your entire body well with soap. Simply showering with any standard bar of soap will help to remove any germs off of your body.

You should also abstain from shaving your armpit area for the ten days leading up to your surgery, and then shave them on the morning of your surgery. This will lessen the likelihood of an ingrown hair abscess located in the surgical field, which could cause your surgery to have to be rescheduled.

During Breast Augmentation Surgery

During your enhancement surgery, your surgeon will take special care to make sure that the surgical field has been decontaminated of any germs. Likewise, they will also avoid cutting into the breast tissue ducts themselves as they can contain bacteria which can contaminate and cause increased capsule contracture scaring.

In addition, your plastic surgeon will create an oversized sub-muscular pocket which is much larger than the implant size he is installing which will allow it space to move around freely and look much more natural to the naked eye.

After Breast Augmentation Surgery

After your surgery is the most important time to help avoid capsule contracture. It is necessary to both vigorously and often perform massage techniques to allow the implants to move around freely in the oversized sub-muscular pocket. This pocket was created during the surgery itself.

By keeping this area moving freely, the tissue will stay soft to the touch with less scar tissue forming. Through massage you can keep the area open for your implants and impede the body’s natural defensive mechanism to make scars and contain your implants.

As you can see, one of the most important things you can do to avoid capsule contracture after your breast augmentation surgery is to massage your implants and surrounding areas to keep things moving freely. Speak to your plastic surgeon and make sure that you are given very specific instructions on how to do your massage correctly.

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