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Stretch Marks and Puberty

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Stretch Marks and Puberty

During puberty, many guys and girls begin noticing that they start to deal with stretch marks. This can be frustrating and you may be wondering if you are all alone in this problem. Actually, you aren’t. Puberty often leads to stretch marks for both guys and girls. You see, when you gain weight quickly or you grow really fast, stretch marks often occur. While the skin is designed to stretch, too much stretching can lead to skin scars that are known as stretch marks. So, if you are now beginning to notice some stretch marks on your body, you’re not the only teen that is going through this.

It Affects Both Girls and Guys

While you will notice that women often are more likely to deal with stretch marks, they can happen to guys as well. Usually stretch marks end up commonly affecting the stomach, thighs, buttocks, breasts, hips, and at times the upper arms as well. Of course puberty is not the only thing that can cause stretch marks. There are many body builders that end up with stretch marks and women often deal with them during pregnancy as well.

While at first you may notice that the stretch marks appear red and angry looking, don’t get too frustrated they won’t look like this forever. Over time they will get a lot lighter and they fade quite a bit until they are harder to see. However, even if you know they will fade away some, this may not make you feel the most comfortable in a bathing suit this summer. If you want to wear a bathing suit without fear, then there are some things that you can do to downplay your stretch marks so they are not as noticeable.

Get a Tan
No, I’m not talking about sitting out in the sun, but about getting a fake tan. Sunless tanning is a lot safer than getting an actual tan from the sun and this type of a tan can help to cover up your stretch marks. Regular tanning from the sun probably won’t cover the marks, but a good sunless tanning lotion or spray can provide you with some help. So, if you want to hide them while you’re in your bathing suit, try getting a sunless tan.

Wear a More Conservative Suit
If you have stretch marks that you don’t want to show off to everyone, you may want to consider wearing a bathing suit that is a bit more conservative. There are many choices available that can help you to hide those stretch marks on your skin. Suits that come with shorts are very popular and can hide marks on your buttocks and thighs. Also, higher necklines can be great for hiding any stretch marks that you may have around your chest area as well.

Important Information About Stretch Marks

Unfortunately, skin, when it is stretched out due to rapid growth, doesn’t just go back to normal. Sadly a form of scarring occurs when this happenAs, and it is called stretch marks. Stretch marks can be caused by quick weight loss, quick weight gain, and pregnancy, and at first they start off looking purple or reddish; however, later they fade a way to a white or silver color.

These stretch marks happen in the dermis of the skin, which is the middle layer of your skin which helps it to keep its shape. However, when this skin is being stretched constantly, the dermis may begin to break down, and this leaves scars behind, which are known as stretch marks. Both men and women can develop stretch marks, although women more commonly get them. Some of the places on the body where stretch marks can occur include the thighs, upper arms, abdomen, hips, lower back, and breasts.

What You Can Do About Stretch Marks
If you have stretch marks, you are probably wondering what you can do about these stretch marks to get rid of them. Well, there are a variety of different treatment options, although their success can be impacted by your skin tone, your age, as well as the diet that you eat. Here are a few of the options you can consider if you want treatment for your stretch marks.

Surgical Methods First of all, you’ll find that there are a variety of different surgical methods that can be used to treat stretch marks that you want to get rid of. Laser surgery can be used, as well as dermabrasion and chemical peels. While these treatments may not totally remove your stretch marks, they often can help to diminish their appearance.

Creams and Lotions There are many different creams and lotions that are available for over the counter stretch marks treatment. You may want to ask your physician which treatment he would recommend. Some creams and lotions are designed to help prevent stretch marks, especially during pregnancy. There are others that can help to diminish the appearance of your stretch marks as well.

Diet and Exercise Believe it or not, diet and exercise can help with stretch mark treatment as well. Drinking a lot of water is important. Keeping the skin hydrated will keep the skin soft and supple, which means it will be less likely to get stretch marks. Caffeine can actually increase stretch mark risks, so you may want to avoid drinking too much caffeine. Eating foods that have plenty of good vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin A can help you out as well.

Will Insurance Cover Surgery?
If you are considering surgery for your stretch marks, you may want to find out whether or not your insurance is going to cover this type of surgery. You’ll probably find that most insurance companies will not cover this type of surgery, since it is considered to be a surgery that is done for cosmetic purposes only. While there are exceptions to the rule, you should probably be prepared to pay for this surgery out of your own pockets.

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Question from love is forever: What are stretch marks “made of”? Like… What’s inside of them?
When I look at the stretch marks I have on my knees
(which to me is a weird place to have them lol)
I wonder why can’t I tan them? What’s inside of them?

Best answers:

Answer by How Is Babby Formed
they are scars

Answer by crazy
it’s just strectched skin, no more elasticity. it’s like a scar, scars don’t tan either.

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